Tuesday, June 25, 2013

EMAIL:   Mon, June 24, 2013    12:41 PM
Subject:  transfer

Hello Y'all!

This week is transfers and it turns out that I am going to be leaving the Plano 6th area.  I was hoping to finish my mission in Plano since I have only 6 weeks left, but I have been feeling all along that that wouldn't be the case.  Tomorrow morning I am going to be heading to my new area, Allen 5th Ward.  It is only a couple of miles away from Plano, but I will be in a new stake and in a new zone.  I am also being double transferred into Allen 5th - we will have to do some more work there to get people used to working with sister missionaries.  My new companion is... well, she should be arriving on a plane in Texas anytime now.  Looks like I will be training one last time on my mission.  As far as I know, I will be living with a member and I will be riding a bike.

I am very sad to be leaving the Plano area.  I am very attached to the people here. On the other hand, I know that the Lord needs me in Allen. I know that I am supposed to be training a new sister missionary.  I know that I have something to offer the Allen 5th ward in the short time I will be there. I am excited for this new adventure. Most especially, I am grateful in the Lord's and President Durrant's trust and confidence in me to labor in this portion of the vineyard.

I love being a missionary! I am excited to keep working hard and preaching the gospel to the Lord's elect in Texas! I love Texas!  President Durrant often sings us a little song that sums up how I feel about Texas.

It goes: I'm in Heaven! I'm in Heaven! In the Texas Dallas Mission, I'm in Heaven!

I am so grateful to be serving a mission in the Texas Dallas Heaven. There is no other place I would rather be right now! I have met so many people that have changed my life.  I am so grateful that I have had the blessing to teach God's children about His gospel.  The gospel is truly amazing.  I love sharing it.  I love being a missionary!

Love always - Sister Peck

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