Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Letter from the MTC

First Day at MTC
January 25, 2012

To My Family -

So, I have made it through my first day at the MTC and am definitely ready for bed.  Things are going well and so fast that you don't really have time to think about anything else.  It is an information overload with all of the rules and regulations they are throwing at you.

My companion's name is Sister Hannah Cole.  She is from North Salt Lake, went to Woods Cross for high school and has gone to BYU for the past 2 years.  The District I am includes another set of sisters going to Roseville, CA, one set of elders there too and 2 sets of Elders to Dallas with me and Sister Cole.

I saw Allison tonight at dinner and she actually lives a couple of doors down the hall from me.  Apparently she had been so excited to see me today and her companion said Ali kept saying so in her little high pitched voice she does when she is excited.

Tonight we had a group teaching experience.  A set of trained missionaries would come into the room with an investigator (they all seemed legit investigators - no just actors or members pretending).  The missionaries would start up a conversations then leave the group of 30 new people to keep answering questions.  It was pretty crazy, but it got better by our last investigator.

Thank you all for everything you have done for me the last little while.  I LOVE YOU ALL!!  Everything is going okay for me and I am excited to be here.


Sister McKie Peck

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