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January 28 & 29, 2012

Dearest Family -

So I wanted to tell you about some interesting things in the MTC.  On Thursday night, I met my Branch President.  His name is President Mickelson.  Come to find out, he is from Idaho Falls.  He doesn't know Solveigh Querry specifically, but the are probably related since both are from Idaho.  The cool thing though is that he knows Connor's District Leader from the MTC, Elder Mickelson.  The Pres. is Elder Mickelson's Dad's uncle.  Even cooler...Connor was apparently even in the same branch as me.  President Mickelson became Connor's Branch President for the last Sunday Connor was here.  My teacher, Brother Marlowe, said that he remembers the Elders going to the Marshall Islands being in the classroom right next door to mine.  I have class in 8M-333, the George Q. Cannon building and my District is 34A.  Pretty cool stuff!  

I will try and email Connor about this when I have my prep day.  The time I have to email will be on Wednesdays while I am scheduled to do laundry starting around 12:30.

Another cool thing happened.  On a Saturday morning at breakfast, my comp, Sister Cole (so cool by the way - I LOVE HER!) overheard a senior couple talking about the Marshall Islands.  I went over and this couple is actually headed for the MI in a couple of weeks.  They, in turn, introduced me to an Elder Dick that arrived in the MTC the same day that I did.  Elder Dick is from the MI and he is headed to the Texas Fort Worth Mission.  I asked if he remembered Connor Peck, but he wasn't sure.  I then asked if he remembered Elder BakBak and he actually met Connor in Majuro just before he came to the MTC.  SO AWESOME!!  The senior couple took a picture of me, Sister Cole and Elder Dick to hopefully show Connor when they arrive in the MTC!  AMAZING!  It is pretty crazy how small of a community the Church really is, especially when looked at through the eyes of one in a few thousand missionaries compared to the world.

Saturday was also the first time we got mail.  I got a letter from Tom and I also got a package from Connor!!  He sent it to me in the hopes that I would get it before leaving the MTC.  I had his left over stamps since he can't use those.  He also sent me a handmade (from a Marshall Islands member) woven scripture case out of some reeds or something.  It has "Yokwe" woven into it in black and fits on my Bible.  I will have to send you a picture of it.  It is pretty legit and I am so glad he sent it to me!

The MTC is actually going very well.  My district is actually all very mature, especially for having 19-year old boys.  We are all getting along very well and I think that is the best part about the MTC.  The Spirit in our classroom is so strong and it is amazing how much I feel I have already grown in the Spirit is just a few days!  I am so excited to get out in the field and teach "real" people.  So far, we have just been teaching "investigators" that are our teachers.  Starting Tuesday, we will do TRC, which is teaching progressing investigators, less actives and referrals.  These people will possibly be "true" investigators or recent converts.  Only a few of them are hired teachers and trainers, but we don't ever know when going in to teach if they are real or just acting out legit stories,

As I mentioned before, I really love my comp, Sister Cole.  We get along so well and have many similar tastes in personalities.  We are able to build from each other a lot and I am really glad for her spirit and constant companionship.  As much as I enjoy the other sisters in my district, Sister Cole and I definitely are the better match for each other.

I am already called as the pianist in our Branch.  We are only two Districts right now and the other District is has Elders that are leaving this week.  We are getting 2 new Districts this week (all Elders again for now) and one is stateside Elders and the others are all going to Armenia.

I am really enjoying having Allison Querry here because she is kinda acting as a guide to what is going on since there are no other sisters to help.  She warns us about cleaning checks, best shower times, when to get to places and devotionals, etc.  It is very helpful.  

Overall, things are going very well here and I am enjoying my time here, although it would be nice to sleep more.  I hate to say that I don't miss you guys, but I am having an awesome time and learning so much!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!  I am so grateful to be a missionary and be out on this new adventure.  I love the gospel so much and I also love to teach it!!

With love and prayers -

Sister McKie Peck

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