Tuesday, April 16, 2013

EMAIL:   Mon, April 15, 2013     11:14 AM
Subject:  Luau!!

Howdy Y'all!!

Hope that all y'all have had a blessed week! Sister Brown and I were blessed to be able to set up many return appointments this week and find many potential investigators. We are looking forward to seeing each of these people again this week and teaching them the message of the Restoration of the Gospel. I love teaching people about the gospel!!!

On Friday, our ward had a Luau! There is a less-active/part member family that Sister Brown and I have been working with. The Gonsalves family are Hawaiian and moved to Texas less than a year ago, so the ward decided to use their talents and have an authentic Hawaiian Luau. It was so great!! The best part was that over a quarter of the people that attended were not members! Another best part was that our 2 investigators Patty and Sandra came! Also the less-active Sister Burns that we have been working with came and brought her roommate Lia (who calls us the "Sisters of Mercy"). So I definitely felt like the Luau was a success!! There was "authentic" Hawaiian rice and potato salad and pineapple upside down cake. The coolest part was that they had Hula Dancers (some that have performed in the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii) come and dance for us. The men were shirtless (so not sure if that is appropriate for a missionary) but the dances were amazing!

The next night, we met with Patty. Patty said that she had really enjoyed the Luau. We have been struggling to get Patty to church, so I think that it was a great step to get her at least to an activity at the church. Patty grew up Catholic, so I guess she was expecting our ward party to be more strict and regulated with rules, but she was very surprised and happy when it wasn't. She loved seeing all of the little kids run around and play. I think this was a great step for Patty to see how kind and friendly and fun the members of the church are, and I believe this will make it easier and more comfortable for her to attend Sunday service soon. Patty is still progressing and she loves the Book of Mormon. When we saw Patty on Saturday night she actually had invited us over to feed us. She is from Mexico and made us the best Mexican Tacos that I have ever eaten in my life!!! I love Patty (and my other investigators) and I hope to see her baptized before I leave.

A few weeks ago President Durrant gave us a phrase that members can use to find people for the missionaries to teach. "Would you be willing to listen to a brief presentation about my religion?" Sister Brown and I have been trying to teach this phrase to all of the members because we have seen it work. The phrase can be used with complete strangers and the amazing thing is that most of them will say, yes, they are willing to listen to a brief presentation. It gives the members the chance to then get their name, address, phone number, and the best time for missionaries to contact them- then the members have a referral for the missionaries! So we ate dinner with an older couple on Tuesday night and taught them this phrase. Brother Campbell has a great conversion story and an amazing desire to share the gospel, so as soon as he heard this inspired phrase he said, "Sounds great!" Let's go try it!" So Brother Campbell shuffled Sister Brown and I out the door and over to his neighbor's home. They were outside doing yard work, and Brother Campbell went right up, introduced us, and asked the question. They said yes, and Sister Brown and I are going back to teach them this week! Amazing! All y'all should try out this phrase from President Durrant. It works!! People are truly out there and willing to listen to a brief presentation about our church. And of course, missionaries are always willing to teach these people! This phrase is so inspired and truly a great way to invite even random strangers to hear about the gospel.

I love y'all so much!! I am so happy and blessed to be a missionary in the "Texas Dallas Heaven." I know that I am supposed to be in Plano, TX at this specific time. I know that the gospel is true!! I love being able to teach other people about the things and truths that have blessed my life. What a great opportunity!

I hope that all y'all have a blessed and miraculous week! I know that I will!!

Love always- Sister Peck

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