Sunday, January 6, 2013

EMAIL: Mon, December 31, 2012       2:39 PM
Subject:  Happy New Year!

Howdy Y'all!

I hope that everyone was able to have a very Merry Christmas and that all y'all will be having a great new year as well. Christmas Day was great as a missionary. I am especially grateful to those that sent me letters and presents. The miracle of Christmas Day was... SNOW. Yep, it actually snowed here in Texas, which apparently hasn't happened in many years. My area received about 5 inches of snow. Pretty Crazy! So while my companion was finishing her call to her family, I went outside with the members we were at and built a snowman! I had so much fun! Sister Overy and I also did some tracting for Christmas, but we sang instead. It was the greatest thing because everyone that was home opened the door, went to get more people to hear us, and they accepted our pass-along card. If only people we so interested in hearing from us all of the time.

One of the best moments on Christmas was District Meeting. Instead of having a normal training, we all decided to go caroling at a retirement home. We traveled through the buildings and sang hymns as 10 missionaries. It was one of the sweetest things to see how happy the old folks were to hear us sing to them on Christmas Day. I loved feeling the spirit of the season and of sharing the love of Jesus Christ. I loved being able to sing of Christ to those who may not have had family to visit them this day. It was a great opportunity and so spiritually uplifting.

I am blessed to live in an area with so many great members. They really took care of us missionaries this season and made us feel special. They gave us some of the best Christmas presents ever: nice toilet paper, tide detergent, make-up, toothbrushes, and all sorts of other items that missionaries constantly need but it takes a lot of money to buy. It was so sweet and I really appreciate their love and support. Christmas day was a special day to be a missionary. I am grateful to be a representative of our Savior Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary in the TDM. I am grateful for the area that I am in and the missionaries that I am around.

Many of our investigators left town for the holidays, so we have just been trying to find new people to teach this last week. It has been super cold and not the best weather to knock doors in, but the Lord has blessed us. We found a great family, Jason and Stacy. The let us in out of the cold and listened to the Restoration. They are newlyweds and very open to learning about anything. They attend one of the big nondenominational churches in our area. Jason does have relatives that are Mormon, but he also has very anti-Mormon relatives. I am excited to keep working with them, and we are praying that they will continue to be open to the spirit and that they will read the Book of Mormon.

So in honor of a Riches family New Year's tradition, I went bowling today. Sister Overy and I went with Elder Nelson, Elder Wheelhouse, Gina (that we just baptized), and Nick (her boyfriend that introduced her to the church). It was a lot of fun to spend time with Gina and with other missionaries. I miss Aunt Shauna and Grandpa showing me the right way to bowl, but maybe it is a good thing y'all weren't here because I haven't improved any since last year. The Riches have all been bowling as a family since before I was born, so I couldn't miss a year of tradition. We all had a great time bowling. Don't worry Mom, I took lots of pictures like you always do.0

I hope that all y'all are doing well. I love y'all. I am looking forward to the start of a new year. I can't believe that I have been a missionary for almost one year now- the time has flown by. I am excited to keep working hard and increasing the work in the Wylie/Sachse area. I know that I am in the right place at the right time. I love serving the Lord. I love spreading the gospel. I feel so blessed to be a missionary.
Sister Overy and I have been challenging everyone to read the entire Book of Mormon at least on time in 2013. I would love to give y'all the same challenge. Some of y'all are already great at this and some need some work. I know that the Lord will bless each of us as we take time to study the scriptures and grow closer to him this year. I love the Book of Mormon, and I know that it is truly divine scripture. Please read it!

May your new year be filled with miracles and blessings.

Love Always - Sister Peck

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