Wednesday, October 17, 2012

EMAIL: Mon, October 15, 2012   10:44  AM
Subject:  Exchanges

Hello Y'all!

This last week was great!  On Friday we were able to do exchanges with Sister Cole and Sister Squarcia.  I am so grateful that Sister Hansen had the opportunity to work with Sister Squarcia, even if only for a day.  I love Sister Squarcia so much, and she taught me so much when we were companions. It is sad to think she is finishing her mission this week and will be returning home to Italy. Sister Squarcia is an amazing missionary and has blessed so many people's lives and she will continue to do so. I know that Sister Hansen had a good time being companions with Sister Squarcia.

I had a really good exchange with Sister Cole.  She came to Rowlett with me.  We didn't have many lessons scheduled so we ended up tracting a lot. I am amazed by how much Sister Cole has changed into an even more amazing missionary.  She is so bold but also loving.  I love remembering when Sister Cole and I were companions in the MTC and how were we trained together.  We have both changed so much and become much better missionaries than those few months ago. It was so great to be able to be her companion for a day. Sister Cole and I worked so hard, contacted everyone, were exactly obedient, and we were still able to have a great time together and with the people we were talking to. I love Sister Cole so much! I can't believe the 2 of us are a few weeks away from being half finished with our missions.  She taught me so much and reminded me just how fun it is to be a missionary and share the gospel. Sister Cole and I keep trying to convince President Durrant to let us be companions again at the end of our missions- I guess we will wait to see what happens.

Everything else is going great.  The Lord blessed us with 5 investigators at church yesterday!  I don't think I have seen that many at church since my first transfer back in Grand Prairie.  I hope that all of the investigators felt the spirit and it will help them continue to progress toward baptism and coming closer to Christ.  I love being a missionary. I am so grateful to see the rewards that that comes from all of our hard work and obedience this past transfer.

Two of the investigators that attended church were Shawanna and Zavier Stokes and their 2 little girls.  They are such an amazing family.  We only found them a couple of days ago.  They were out playing football as a family, so Sister Hansen and I decided that we needed to talk to them. They were interested in the message we shared about families and they have been wanting to get back to church, so they invited us to come back.  We had a lesson with the Stokes a couple of days later on Saturday and then they came to church on Sunday.  Everyone at church loved this family and believes that they are ready for baptism.  They definitely seem prepared and we hope to keep teaching them and changing their family to become closer to Christ.  They are awesome!

The only downside of this story is what happened when we went to talk to them playing football the first time.  They were playing in the middle of a field with pretty tall grass.  As we were about to step into the field Sister Hansen said, what about chiggers. For those of you who don't know what chiggers are... they are just horrible. From what I understand, they are little black bugs, kinda like ticks, that burrow into you skin and you can't get them back out.  You can't really see chiggers and you also can't really kill them.  I guess you just have to wait until they die and then a couple of months later they will scab over and their dead little bodies will finally fall out of your skin.  Well... I dismissed Sister Hansen's worry about chiggers saying that we needed to talk to the family.  All seemed well.  The next morning I woke up with red, inflamed chiggers burrowed all over in my legs. They itch so terribly and don't look too great either.  Apparently I still had chiggers inside my shoes because I kept getting bites the next few days.  The good news is, all my bites are getting better now and Sister Hansen luckily ended up with no bites.  So that was my bug adventure for the week.

Love y'all and hope you have a good week.

-Sister Peck

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