Wednesday, October 10, 2012

EMAIL: Mon, October 8, 2012   10:34  AM
Subject:  Conference

Hello Y'all -

This last week felt like a really good week.  Sister Hansen and I were working hard, and of course, there was general conference as well. Sadly, we didn't see much success.  We know that the hard work this past week will influence the success we are able to see this next week and so on.  I love having a companion that just wants to get out and work. It is amazing to see how much Sister Hansen wants to work and not waste any time. She is already somewhat upset that a month of her mission is over and she only has 17 months left. I just keep trying to remind her that she did see a family of three baptized in that month and many other miracles.  Sister Hansen is already a great missionary, and I know she is going to be a great blessing to the TDM.

General Conference was great.  I was definitely surprised about the announcement of the younger age requirements for missionaries. At first I was a little bit upset, because I had really wanted to go on a mission when I was 19 yrs old, and I thought that I was prepared to serve at that time.  Now, I am really excited. I think of slightly younger missionaries, and I believe that there will be a lot more excitement and enthusiasm in the missionary work because of their age. I hope that we are going to see an increase in Sister Missionaries  which is even more exciting.  I can't wait for the potential opportunity that I will have to be a companion with one of these younger missionaries.

Everything is going pretty well right now.  We are working with a less-active family right now.  The parents are starting to come back to church as well as the 3 kids.  One of the sons is 9-years-old and not yet baptized, so Sister Hansen and I are working hard with the family so that the son can get baptized.  His name is Connor (spelled just like my brother, Elder BakBak's name).  Connor is so smart in the gospel.  He basically taught us the Restoration, with us just asking guiding questions along the way. I hope and pray that his family becomes active again, because Connor is ready to be baptized. He has a strong testimony, and he really needs to be in church and primary to make him prepared to sere a mission and then be a worthy priesthood holder for the rest of his life.

The worst news right now is the weather.  The weather in Dallas dropped from 85 degrees Friday night to 50 degrees on Saturday. I am afraid that I got too used to the heat in Texas, and I am now a wimp in the cold. I have been freezing all weekend!!!  After spending so much time walking in the heat outside, I have come to enjoy tracting in the warmth.  Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit. Everyone keeps telling me the winters in Texas change temperature very dramatically from hot to cold. I guess we will see what happens this winter- hopefully I can stay warm.   

I love this work. I love being a missionary.  Thanks for the card, Grandma and Grandpa Riches! Sorry I don't have much more time to write.  

-Sister Peck

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