Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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Subject:  Life As A Missionary Is Awesome

Hello Y'all!

This last week has been very good. Sister Hansen and I are doing some amazing work together. Of course, there are always struggles, but we are seeing much success from the hard work we have been putting in. It amazes me what a great missionary Sister Hansen is for having been in the TDM for less than 3 weeks. She has a great concern for each of our investigators and just wants to love everybody.  She is also great at teaching and has many new ideas and skills for each of us to try. I love being companions with her and pray a lot that I am also doing my best to help her.

 President Durrant put together a special fireside this week. It was his father, Brother George Durrant, and Sister Susan Easton Black (has such an amazing and extensive knowledge about Joseph Smith). It was so amazing and inspiring. What a testimony building experience. Brother Durrant has such a great sense of humor, and he gave us a great example of being missionaries with a personality so that way people will want to listen. Sister Black talked about proving how the BOM is true when looking at it from an authorial perspective. She personally has found 101 different titles for Christ in the BOM and each time they are used perfectly and correctly. Amazing! How could a farm-boy with little education ever write that? How would Joseph Smith ever know the difference between "God of Israel" and "God of Jacob" or anything like unto it? Wow- The BOM is so amazing and I love it!  Sister Black "proving" the BOM strengthened my testimony of the divinity of the BOM so much. What a wonderful devotional!

One of the best parts this past week was a trip to the temple with the Harper Family.  Sister Hansen and I called and got permission to have a lesson inside the waiting room at the Dallas Temple. It was pretty amazing. We talked about all of the temple ordinances, and Tommy and Rene were very interested. Quinlan is just excited to be able to live with his family forever. We invited also a great family from the ward that have been doing a lot of family history work lately- the husband is also a convert to the church. The member family was amazing and gave great testimonies that were beautifully accompanied by the spirit.  Having a lesson at the temple was great, and the Harpers are looking anxiously forward to their own temple sealing around this time next year.  I love the Harper family! They are super excited for conference this weekend. Rene even attended the RS General Broadcast on Saturday night and loved it. We are already planning for the Harpers to come visit Utah sometime after my mission so y'all can meet them! (and so they can see all the amazing things in Utah)!

Everything else is going very well. Sister Hansen and I are starting to work with many new investigators, which should progress toward  baptisms soon.  I love everybody that we teach. It is so strange to feel love for people that I may have only met on the porch for a few minutes, but I love them and want them to have the gospel. I want our message to bless and change their lives. I want them to truly experience happiness and joy that only comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ and making those covenants at baptism.  Everyone we meet has so many challenges, and I know that those can be fixed by and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I wish everyone could realize that. It is so sad to me when we start teaching people, and then they decide they no longer want to listen for whatever reason. They just don't get it. They don't get the gospel of Jesus Christ or Heavenly Father's divine potential for each of us. I don't even understand it fully, but I know that it is the only way. It is the Plan of Happiness!! This gospel is so true and I love it!!!

President Durrant has been having all the missionaries memorize a scripture about the gospel of Jesus Christ each week. This week I memorized one about the Holy Ghost, but really it encompasses all parts of the doctrine of Christ. It is Moroni 8:25-26.  It speaks of how when we repent we will want to be baptized (or keep our covenants). Then we will keep the commandments and receive the remission of sins. How great is that? When we keep the commandments we can be cleansed from our sins.  And then we will become meek and lowly of heart- it is then that we will be able to listen to the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost can bring us hope and a perfect love especially as we continue diligently to pray. After all of these things, then shall we dwell with God and all the Saints. I love it so much! The gospel is so simple yet the blessings are immeasurable!

I hope y'all are having a wonderful week. Make sure y'all put time aside for our Savior and His gospel.  I love y'all. I appreciate all of the prayers and support. I love being a missionary. I am having a great time in my mission right now and I feel so blessed! (It makes me want to sing a little song my mission president wrote).  I love helping spread the gospel. It is so exhausting and I love being able to get into bed night, but overall, there is nothing else I would rather be doing.

Love- Sister Peck

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