Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Email from the MTC received February 8, 2012:

2nd Week at the MTC

Hey All-
So i have come to the end of my second week at the MTC.  It has been good with all the great devotionals, but I do tend to get a little bored in class still. I decided that I am going to try and challenge myself more to get deeper into the doctrine and stay entertained. I know it is important to learn the basics because that is waht we will teach time and again to the investigators, but I want to build my testimony too because a missionary can only convert someone as far as their own conversion.

Yesterday was an awesome devotional where Brother Edgley from the presiding bishopric and his wife spole.  The sisters and I got to sing in the choir!!!  We were seated so perfectly that apparently it showed us every time they zoomed onto the director.  The Elders also told us after that they had at least 4-5 close-ups on sister Cole and I.  She keeps joking that we are famous now.  Cool stuff though!  And it was great to sing with the missionaries- even though they are not all that great, but everyone one of them sings with passion because they are excited about what we are doing.

Went to the temple this morning for the last time. Who knows when or if I will ever get to go in Dallas.  Hopefully so, because I love the temple so much and learned so much in the endowment session this morning because I really opened myself up to wanting to learn or understand something new because I was starting to feel like it was very repetitious from all the times I have gone. Maybe that is just where I am in my life right now- everything seems to be a repetition.  That just means I need to work harder to teach myself but also opening up myself more to be taught by the spirit.

I am so excited to be heading out of the MTC soon!!!  In 5 days I will be in Dallas!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait because I am excited to start teaching real investigators although that might also be a scary experience because they will be rejecting me for reals and might not be as kind as the MTC actors.  I guess it will be an experience! And I am excited to have all those experiences.  I am also exicted to be around the Texans, their hospitality, and their awesome accent.  

Thanks to everyone that has written me!!! I love getting letters and knowing about what is happening back home.  Thanks especially for all of the prayers for Elder Azure that I wrote about last week.  He is doing a lot better, but it is so easy for any of us to be discouraged here in the MTC because we feel unprepared. I let Azure know that my family has been praying for him and has put his name in the temple (thanks gma and Karen!!!) and he wants to thank you all He is grateful for the prayers and knows that they have been helping him becuase he doesn't think he could have progressed past last week without help from everyone else.  Thanks so much!!!

Don't have much time left, so I will just tell you all that I love you!! Thanks for everything that you all have done for me. I am so grateful to be on a mission!!  Look forward to me sending some pics home after I leave the MTC :)

Love you all, best of luck to everyone and remember that I pray for you all- so let me know if there is something I can do, please.

- Love,
 Sister McKie Peck

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