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How are y'all doing?

This week has been good here in the TDM. When we first moved into the area, our ward mission leader told us that we never would receive any referrals. By the end of the first week we had two referrals. One referral was from an investigator that the missionaries have been teaching for many years. She has a new assistant at work, Patty, that is interested in learning about the gospel and the reason why our other investigator seems so happy. So on Wednesday we were able to meet with Patty for the first time. We were told just to call her up and ask if we could come over. Sister Brown and I were a little bit apprehensive because we didn't know if Patty was expecting our call, but we called her, explained who we were, and asked if we could teach her more. Patty's response was great because she asked how soon we could come. We met her that night and took with us a great member that was only baptized a few years ago. Patty is super friendly and really interested in learning about the gospel and finding the church that feels "right" to her. Come to find out, Patty has even had missionaries in her home before when her kids were small so they could learn about religion. She admits though that she didn't really listen to the missionaries then, but now she wants truth. Unfortunately Patty was sick on Sunday, although she had planned on attending church with the member we brought to our lesson, but she is still excited to learn more. I am excited to keep teaching Patty and helping her not "run away" from any more churches because I know that our church is the "right" one.

Sister Brown is a really great companion. I am so excited to be serving with her. She is so soft spoken and humble. I am so grateful that she has a great control of her temper and never is angry with all of the mistakes that I make. She has a great desire to be a great missionary. Best of all, she is willing to walk and walk. As of today, we now have bikes, and Sister Brown is very excited to ride them. I am glad to be her companion and introduce sister missionaries to Plano 6th Ward and the surrounding area.

We finally figured out the whole bike situation late Saturday night. A member from a nearby ward that night called and offered to donate a bike that he bought for his daughters years ago but they never rode. We called the assistants to let them know that we found one bike and they told us about a miracle. Sister Brown had been doing service at a humanitarian center in Rowlett before she was transferred here. The people there missed her this last week. Her old companion said she had moved to Plano and was in search for a bike. So, the Humanitarian Center generously donated 2 brand new bikes to Sister Brown and I and the assistants brought them to us this morning. I will probably end up riding the bike from the Plano member because the other is a tad bit short for me. So we told the Plano 6th Ward that we finally found bikes - there was a member who has basically adopted us as her daughters, and she was still worried about our safety, so she gave Sister Brown and I some money to buy our helmets and some safety things. Sister Brown and I have been blessed greatly the last few days. I am so grateful to have a bike now and I look forward to riding it (although I know I will be sore for a while).

I also just found out from the Wylie sisters that one of the investigators that I helped teach, Alexandre, is going to be baptized this weekend. I am very excited for her!! I am saddened that her mom, Amie, has not been able to overcome smoking yet but I hope that her daughter will be an inspiration to her. I know that the Wylie sisters will keep doing a great job teaching them and that they will be able to be an eternal family some day soon. I am looking forward to going back to Wylie this weekend for Alexandre's baptism.

I love y'all so much! May the Lord bless.

-Sister Peck

New Bikes!

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