Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Subject:  Life is Good

Hello Y'all!

Life is good here in Texas. The weather is nice and warm and sunny. I am either going to be very tan from riding my bike or else very, very sun burnt.

A couple of days ago, Sister Brown and I were headed to stop by a less-active family in the ward, but the family was busy. On the way out of the apartments, we noticed a moving truck. No one was around, but we could tell that it was being unloaded, so we decided to wait around for a minute. Soon we met a girl about our age named Janea, and her mom, and her daughter. Janea was moving into an apartment, so we offered to help. At first they were reluctant (I mean, who really wants two strange girls in skirts to help them move??), but they warmed up fast after Sister Brown and I took a few heavy loads into the apartment. Soon everything was moved in and we had set up the beds and the couches. Janea's mom was so great because she kept shouting (literally) praises to the Lord for our miraculous help. Unfortunately the family had to leave right away to return the moving truck to Oklahoma, but they will be back in the next few days. Janea already expressed interest in coming to church with us. Her daughter has decided that I am her new best friend :) It was a blessing to meet this family! Even if we don't get to teach them, I am still glad for the opportunity to cheerfully provide service to this family. I know that they will forever remember our help and how much it blessed their lives and touched their hearts.

After helping this family, Sister Brown and I started heading to our next plan. Over by our bikes were some boys messing around, and as we walked closer one mumbled to the others "Here come the Jehovah's Witnesses." I overheard (and we always talk to everyone), so I walked right up to them and asked if they had ever heard of the LDS Church or Mormons. Sister Brown and I shared a little about what we believed, but none of the boys seemed interested so we invited them to check out mormon.org and we left. The next day, Sister Brown and I were in the same area and one of the boys that we had met came up to us. He just sat down on the curb and started talking to us about God and prayers and prophets. We found out his name is LaRon and that he had met with missionaries about a year ago until his mom wouldn't allow it anymore. We talked about the Restoration and especially the Book of Mormon. LaRon told us that he wants to be baptized and wants to come to church too. Sister Brown and I are looking forward to talking to LaRon again and hopefully teaching his family too.

I love y'all so much! May the Lord continue to bless all y'all.

Love Sister Peck

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