Thursday, February 7, 2013

EMAIL: Mon, February 4, 2013           11:48 PM
Subject:  Moving

Howdy Y'all!

Things are going well in the TDM. Sister Overy and I are still working to teach the gospel to Amie and her daughter Alexandre. Amie was sick, so she couldn't attend church yesterday, but Alexandre is so pumped about what she is learning that she called her YW's leader and asked for a ride to church. The leader had to be there over an hour early, so Alexandre was an hour early to church but she was totally fine with that because she loves it so much. She is a very mature 14 year old and loves to learn. When we teach her, she takes notes! We still have a lot to teach Amie and Alexandre this week before their baptismal interview, but the Lord will help us if it is His will. We are looking forward with excitement to Amie and Alexandre's baptism in 2 or so weeks.

The biggest news of the week is that Sister Overy and I are moving. It is not the end of a transfer, but instead the Wylie First Ward is so excited to have Sisters that they wanted us to be living in their ward boundaries instead of in Sachse. So, one of the families in Wylie is having us move into their home today. We found this out pretty recently so it has been super busy today with trying to pack and clean and get things arranged like getting beds to sleep on. Sister Overy and I are very excited to move though. The family that we will be living with is the Morales'. They have a very nice house and yard that overlooks a lake. They have a second garage separate from their home and we will be living in an apartment above that. We stopped by last night, and the apartment is super nice! The feel is almost like living in a cabin (apparently we will even hear coyotes and bobcats at night sometimes). Sister Overy and I will be living at the Morales' for at least 2 weeks, and then who knows what will happen at transfers. I don't want to brag too much about the amazing place we are moving into, but I feel so blessed by the Lord to have lived in so many great places on my mission. I am grateful for the members allowing missionaries into their homes and lives and being willing to help us out in whatever way. I have been very blessed as a missionary in my living circumstances.

Sister Overy and I will still have access to our Sachse apt for a little while, so it is alright if y'all have sent me mail in the last week.

My new address starting today is: 955 Meadowbrook Apt B., Wylie, TX 75098 . Or y'all can always still send me letters to the mission office.

I hope that y'all have a blessed week. Sister Overy and I will keep working hard here in Wylie and Sachse. The Lord has prepared people for us to find, so we will just keep working diligently to find them.

I love y'all so much!!

-Love Sister Peck

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