Thursday, February 14, 2013

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Subject:  Measurable Good

Hello Y'all!

Hope that all y'all have had a great week. Sister Overy and I moved this last Monday, so it was a pretty crazy week. The place we moved up in Wylie is really great. They will probably have both Sister Overy and I stay there for another transfer. Next week is transfers, but I don't feel yet like I am going to be moved anywhere. There is a lot of work to be done up in the Wylie Ward before the new church building opens in the summer. I will let all y'all know next week where I will be.

Sister Overy and I have been doing tons of service now with the new JustServe program that the TDM is piloting. We served at the Senior Center in Sachse and helped them take down tables and chairs and set them up in other rooms. The seniors are so funny because there is always a group of women playing some sort of card game in the gym, and there are a bunch of men in the "mancave" playing pool and doing who knows what else. Then every Friday we have been doing service at the Sachse Library. They have us check-in books and shelf them. Most of the time we are just trying to organize everything in its proper place. The library has one old lady that works there named Pat. She is so funny because she tries to be all rough and tough on the outside, but she really is just so sweet and especially loves to talk with the men. I love all of the people at the Sachse Library and I love serving there- it makes me want to be a librarian when I grow up.

Y'all would be pretty proud of me for the other service Sister Overy and I did this week. Every few weeks one of the less-active members from the Sachse Ward calls us up to help him build things in his back yard. He has all of the wood and tools and we build it all from scratch. A couple of weeks ago we helped him build a wall to retain his dogs. This time we were helping him build benches to put on his deck around his outdoor fire pit. It is way fun to help him. He doesn't ever let us use the electric saws and cutters, but he did let me use the electric drill. I am always the helper that measures all of the lengths of the boards and the angles and do the math (haha). I will have the email y'all some pictures when the benches are all finished. All y'all will be pretty impressed at what Sister Overy and I helped build. I love being able to do more service because it breaks up the long days of tracting. I love also seeing "measurable" good that we are doing to help other people in need. Service is great!!

In the Sachse Ward we have an investigator named Kelly. She really didn't like the "guy" missionaries, but she loves being around us. We have taught her quite a bit, but she is still struggling to see the difference that becoming a member of the LDS church can make in her life. Kelly has a lot of girl friends in the ward and loves the social aspect. She also really just wants Sister Overy and I to have fun like "normal" people do (doesn't quite understand the reasons for being a missionary yet). So this week Kelly planned a pajama, movie, pizza, party. She really wanted us not to wear our missionary clothes, so the deal was that Sister Overy and I would also wear our pajamas if we could bring the movie that we would watch. Kelly provided the pizza, invited a bunch of her church friends, so we came in our pajamas and brought "The Testaments" to watch. The party ended up being really fun because a couple of the members hadn't seen the Testaments either. We were able to teach Kelly more about the Book of Mormon and she definitely was able to feel the spirit testify of Christ's miracles and His coming to the ancient Americas. It was a cute idea for Kelly to want to just hang out, but it ended up being one of the best lessons that we have had for her.

Sadly we weren't able to meet with most of our investigators this past week, but we hope to see them this week. We haven't seen Amie and Alexandre in a while and they didn't come to church yesterday because Alexandre was sick. Sister Overy and I are planning on seeing them tonight. They still seem excited to be baptized, but we are going to take a few extra weeks to give them a more solid foundation.

This week is going to be exciting because we have a member from the quorum of the Seventy coming to speak to the TDM. Pretty exciting!

I love all y'all so much! Thanks for all of the love and support. May the Lord bless.

Love- Sister Peck

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