Tuesday, February 19, 2013

EMAIL: Mon, February 18, 2013        12:06 PM
Subject:  Transfer Calls

Howdy Y'all!

This last week was transfer calls, and I am being transferred. Sister Overy is going to stay in Wylie First Ward. Elders are going to be taking over the Sachse Ward (the members are really sad to be losing sisters after having us for only 2 transfers...) I am going to be opening another new sister area in Plano 6th Ward. My companion is going to be Sister Catherine Brown. She was trained by Sister Overy and has been a missionary for 6 months now. Sister Brown is from somewhere in Northern California and she is super sweet. I am excited to change another ward to sisters! And the most surprising part about this transfer is.... I am going to be riding a bike! Yup, a BIKE. Sister Brown and I are going to be the one and only English sister biking companionship. This transfer is going to be an adventure since we don't know the area and we are going to be biking in skirts. But I am looking forward to figuring it all out.

I am a little bit sad to be leaving the Wylie and Sachse area. I was really looking forward to Amie and Alexandre's baptism, but I know I am leaving them in capable hands. They should hopefully be baptized in the middle of March and I definitely am planning on coming back to Wylie for it. I have grown to love Wylie/Sachse, and I really love the people that I have met, but I know that the Lord needs me in Plano.

I don't really know anything about Plano or what type of area it is, but it will be great. No one seems to know where Sister Brown and I are living, but the rumor is that it might be at the Bishop's home. I will have to let all y'all know my address and information next week or you can always send things to the mission office.

This last week we had a very exciting visit to the TDM by Elder Marcus Aidukaitis from the First Quorum of the Seventy. It was such a great zone conference. Elder Aidukaitis is from Brazil, and so he has a lot of inflection in his voice and a great accent. It was so much fun to meet him and be taught by him. He talked a lot about diligence and faith. He also talked about a way that we can increase baptisms in the TDM so that we will be baptizing people weekly. It seems pretty unbelievable, but I know that it is possible and likely that the TDM can baptize more souls because that really is our calling as missionaries. Baptizing more people is really not about the numbers, but it is about bringing happiness and truth to all of God's children. We especially want to baptize those that are elect that they may help to strengthen the church in the areas where they serve. As we bring souls to Christ through baptism we are also helping the Lord fulfill His purpose of bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. What a great calling to be a missionary and help people find the one and true path back to live with our Heavenly Father! Elder Aidukaitis was so inspiring and uplifting, and I am ready to take his words and go to work. I am planning, with the help of my new companion, to make the Plano 6th Ward a high baptizing ward.

Thank all y'all for your love and support. Thanks for the letters! Thank you especially for the prayers!! I might be needing some more to make sure I can ride a bike in a skirt!

I love y'all!!!

Love always- Sister Peck

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