Tuesday, September 25, 2012

EMAIL: Mon, September 24, 2012   10:28 AM
Subject:  Harper Family Baptisms

Hello Y'all!!!

This weekend was the Harper Family baptism, and it was fantastic!!  I can't really even describe for y'all the spirit that was there for the baptism and the confirmation. It was amazing!!!  We had a surprise visitor for the weekend come to Texas for the baptism.  Sister Elena Pierce, my old companion, was there for the baptism!!  One of the members flew her from UT to TX for the weekend so she could see the Harpers get baptized and confirmed.  I know this was really special for Elena and also for the Harpers.  It was pretty amazing because the Harpers were able to have all of their missionaries attend their baptism: Elena, Sister Jensen, Hermana Lopez, Sister Hansen, and me.  It was great to see Sister Elena Pierce again and for us to enjoy the fruits of the harvest together.  The attendance at the baptism was also amazing!  Our stake president, President Smith, came.  Over 20 adults and their families from the ward came.  The Harpers even had 7 of their nonmember relatives come.  Even President and Sister Durrant came to the baptism! I was so happy for all of the love and support to the Harper Family on their special day.

The Harpers were so excited to get baptized. I asked Quinlan on Friday night why he was excited and he said "Because I get to get wet!" but then he also told me he was excited to leave all of his sins in the water and be a new person.  Quinlan also told me after the baptism that he felt like a new baby and he felt perfect. I was so excited that Quinlan felt the difference of baptism.  On Sunday it was his birthday, so Quinlan had the great opportunity to receive the gift of the holy ghost on his birthday.  We kept telling him that the holy ghost would be the best birthday present he could ever get, and I think he felt that after the confirmation.  Rene and Tom were also excited as well. Tom is just happy to be making these sacred covenants as a family. He knows they are helping them especially through the trials they have had the past week.  Rene has really blossomed and you could see the light in her eyes after she was baptized.  We gave them a chance to all give their testimonies at the baptism.  Rene was so excited that she even forced Quinlan to get up and show everyone something he learned from the missionaries. He showed everyone the 10 commandments we taught him by using his fingers. That is pretty impressive for a now 9-yr-old to know all of the 10 commandments and everyone that attended the baptism loved it.  My favorite was Rene's  testimony. She knows that she needs to be the example for the rest of her relatives.  She testifies to everyone that she is happy and she knows the decisions are correct that they made.  Then she invited everyone to watch her family as they grow closer together, become even more happy, and grow closer to our Heavenly Father. The spirit was so strong as Rene committed in front of everyone that her family would be the example that could help bring others to Jesus Christ and the gospel. I love her so much for her courage and her strong testimony that she has gained.  The Harpers are a very special family.  They were prepared by the Lord to receive the missionaries when we first knocked on their door. They were given trials, but that has only strengthened their resolve to be strong members in the church. I know that the Lord has a special work prepared for them.  The Harpers want to serve and even offered to come to lessons with us to help support and teach others people about the church. What an amazing family!!! I love them and I know that the Lord loves them, just as he loves each and everyone of us, his children.

Everything else is going pretty well.  Sister Hansen and I are working like crazy.  We taught so many lessons last week and talked to so many people. The work is moving forward. I love y'all and thank you for your love and support.  I hope one day y'all can meet the Harpers (maybe we can get them to a conference in Utah when I return home).  I know their lives have been changed. I know everyone's life can be changed by living the doctrine of Christ. I challenge each of you to find a way you can come closer to Christ. Even though having challenges, trials, and sacrifices is difficult, it is completely worth it.  Y'all will be blessed for following the Savior.  I know that this is true! Love y'all and hope you have a great week!!

-Love Sister Peck

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