Thursday, September 20, 2012

EMAIL: Mon, September 17, 2012   10:32 AM
Subject:  New Companion

Hello Y'all!

This last week has been pretty good.  On Tuesday I got my new companion. Her name is Sister Hansen. She is from Denver, CO, although she has spent the last 3 years at BYU Hawaii.  Things are going pretty well with Sister Hansen and I. She is an awesome missionary, and I am very happy to be training her. She does very well in the lessons for a new missionary. Sister Hansen is also very enthusiastic about sharing the gospel.  She just wants to help people understand how this message has blessed her life. Sometimes I wish everyone in the church could feel the zeal of a new missionary and then act on it.  Sister Hansen bore her testimony in church yesterday and promised all of the ward members that she would work her hardest while in their ward to bring souls unto Christ.  Everyone was pretty impressed, including me.  She is going to be a great missionary.  I look forward to the next few weeks that we get to be together.
We are excited for the Harper's baptism that is coming up this Saturday.  They have had a pretty rough week though.  The lessons all went well in the beginning of the week. Tom, Rene, and Quinlan (the 8 yr old) all passed their baptismal interviews on Friday.  They all have a great testimony of the church for just barely learning our message. On Saturday morning we took them to a baptism, which they enjoyed. I think it calmed some of their fears and made them more excited to be baptized.  Then on Saturday night we got a call from Tom.  The family was at the hospital.  They have a daughter named Lindsay that is married and pregnant-about a month away from having her first child. Traumatically, Lindsay's baby passed away.  When Tom called us, the Harpers were all pretty torn up. I was also pretty torn up when I heard- I was expecting something to happen before their baptism because something always seems to, but not a trial to this degree.  It is such a horrible thing. The Harpers were so excited for their first grandchild, already having baby showers and everything, but now they have to deal with the tragic loss.  The Harpers still are planning to be baptized on Saturday though.  Even though it is a tragedy, this incident did give the members of the ward a chance to help. People have been calling the Harpers, one fellowshipping family even took Quinlan for the night and brought him to church on Sunday, the Bishop and Elder's Quorum President even went to the hospital to visit the family.  This is definitely strengthening their testimony especially of the Plan of Salvation, and maybe we will have the chance to teach Lindsay soon as well. I just keep praying for the Harpers, and I know the knowledge they have gained from the church is helping them at this time. I am glad they have the church to hold onto and the support from the ward.    Please pray for the Harper family, especially their daughter Lindsay!

Everything else is going pretty well. Sister Hansen is awesome at wanting to work every minute possible, so we have found quite a few new investigators with some good potential. The work is looking up in the Rowlett area. I miss the Spanish work, but I am very happy to be back focusing just on the English wards and their needs.

Thank y'all for your love and support.  I can't believe how long I have already been on a mission.  I look forward to every day because I love to share this gospel. I know that families can be together forever only through the example and Atonement of Jesus Christ. I love y'all!!  Have a great week! Hopefully I'll have some exciting stories to share next week about the Harper's baptism.

Love Always,

-Sister Peck

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