Monday, July 30, 2012

Howdy Y'all!
     This week was a pretty awesome week on the mission. The first good news is that I didn't receive a transfer call. Sister Pierce and I will still be companions here in Rowlett- but sadly, this will only be for three weeks since Sister Pierce is leaving to go home. I should be receiving a transfer call mid-transfer to find out my new companion(s) and possibly a new area. This is exciting though because Sister Pierce and I have the great opportunity to work hard together for the next three weeks. It is going to be awesome!
    I also had 2 baptisms this past weekend! Our investigator Taylor was baptized on Saturday morning at the Singles Ward. It was great because she had support of members from over 3 wards that she attended just during, and prior to, the month she was taught. The best part of the baptism was Taylor sharing her testimony. Taylor said she could physically and spiritually feel the change after she was baptized and she knows that the LDS Church is true! It has been such an amazing pleasure and treat to teach Taylor and become a good friend with her. I am still amazed by Taylor because she is trying to dedicate herself fully to her new faith. She has already decided that when their lease is up in a couple of months, she is going to move away from her mom and family. She loves them so much, but she knows that they don't live the same standards and so she wants to be around people that can help her uphold the covenants she has made. Taylor is so amazing and I wish y'all could meet her and see why Sister Pierce and I love her so much.
     My other baptism was "T" who I taught back in Dallas 4th. I loved his baptism. Because T is a much larger Samoan man, they couldn't do the baptism in the church font. So we had the baptism outside in a member's pool!  Even though we were all sitting in over 100 degree weather, this baptism was so spiritual and touching. I think this is partly because I had to work so hard with T to get him to come to church as I was helping to teach him. The journey has been so long, but he is finally baptized!  It was sad because T still has a very difficult time standing and walking, so getting him in and out of the pool was very difficult and took many helpers, even standing in the pool waiting to be baptized was difficult for T, but he sacrificed and was baptized. What an amazing experience and change. I can't even describe how great and joyful it feels to see someone change their life and even go through painful and trying times just to become a member of the Church. I love seeing this! This is one of the great joys to being a missionary! I love both "T" and Taylor so much. I am very proud of the decisions they have made to come unto Christ.
     What a great week it has been!!! I am so excited for this new transfer- it is always a great time to reevaulate my focus and goals as a missionary and strive to work harder and better. Being a missionary is so amazing because I get to be immersed in the gospel all day, every day. What an amazing experience!!  I can't wait to go and find more people to teach and baptize!  This gospel is so true. It wouldn't make sense to find so much joy and happiness in something that is false or made-up. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly the Lord's church once again restored to the earth. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much!
    Thanks y'all for your support back home. I got letters this week from Grandma and Grandpa and also from the Pierces (any relation to Lee and Kay Pierce from the Blackfoot area of Idaho? those are my companions parents)... Thank y'all for everything and most especially for all the prayers! Hope all is well with everyone.
Love- Sister Peck!

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