Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Email from Sister Mc received July 23, 2012:

Howdy y'all!

    Things are getting hot here in Texas (though I think we have actually had many more "cool" days this year than Utah has).  I can't believe it is already the sixth week of the transfer and that we will be getting transfer calls this Saturday night. We'll see what happens- Sister Pierce and I are hoping to stay together in Rowlett until she leaves to go home in a month.

    This upcoming week is going to be great. We have Taylor's baptism on Saturday- she is so, so excited.  She had her baptismal interview on Friday, which went great.  Sister Pierce and I also taught her about Tithing and Fasting before the interview. Taylor is so amazing that she had already learned about Tithing from her friend Randi (who originally introduced her to the church). Before we even taught the law of tithing, Taylor had already put money aside from her last paycheck and she just needed to know who she to give it to. Amazing!! Taylor also already has a great testimony of fasting. Her Dad got Leukemia when she was 13, and Taylor fasted along with her family almost every Sunday for a couple of months. I asked her how that made her feel about fasting and she said, "Well, it works... my Dad is still here!"  It is such a privilege to have taught Taylor and I am very excited for her baptism.

    I also got news from the D4 Sisters that "T" (the large Samoan investigator that I taught) is also going to be baptized on Saturday. I am so excited and proud of him! I can barely believe that he has finally made it to church a couple of times even with all of the physical limitations of his feet. It took many months, but I can tell that he is finally prepared to be baptized and change his life by coming closer to Jesus Christ. Hopefully both of the baptisms go alright this upcoming Saturday!

  The work is going great! Thanks for all of the support and letters from home that y'all send me. Grandma Riches expressed in her last letter that she hoped that I still have a piano to play at the member's home where I live. Grandma- I do have a piano. In fact, I have three. Their daughters are very musically talented, so they have some amazing pianos that have been restored. The most beautiful one is a black, grand piano from 1880. All of its pieces are original and still in great shape to be played. It is gorgeous!

    I love y'all!! Thanks for everything! The gospel of Christ is so important not only to understand, but also to live. When we keep the commandments and do the will of our Heavenly Father then we can truly find joy and happiness in this life. This gospel changes people's lives when they are willing to follow Christ.

Love always- Sister Peck

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