Thursday, August 8, 2013

Last Weekly Email!

EMAIL:   Mon, August 5, 2013    10:11 AM
Subject:  Last Weekly Email!


How are all y'all doing? It has been a busy week in the Texas Dallas Heaven. Monday, Sister Judd and I moved into the RS President's home for the next 10 days because the sister we lived with is out of town, and we can't stay there with just her husband home at night. I left most of my things at the Simpson's home, so it has made it interesting and a little stressful to not be able to pack and prepare myself.

Tuesday, my district took me out to lunch at Brahm's (a TX favorite) after my last district meeting. Plus, I was also the winner of the district challenge to see who could read the most of the BOM in 3 weeks.  It was really fun to spend time with my last district and have lunch together.

Wednesday, I had a Mission Leader Meeting all day in Dallas. It was a really great meeting!! I learned so many things that I wish I has used earlier and applied better in my mission.  It is great to be taught and inspired by all of the great leaders in the mission. The TDM truly has some of the best elders and sister missionaries!! 

Thursday, my district helped out a local Presbyterian church with their garden. It was so much fun and we are going to continue doing service there for a long time. The garden has 15 plots, so we are trying to get the members of our wards to plant and take care of one of the plots. Thursday night was our monthly RS activity. It was Zumba!  The activity was really fun and a giant success. We had 15 nonmembers there and just as many less actives.

Friday, we did the usual Paint the Town service painting the fire hydrants. I will really miss this service. Maybe they will let me paint the fire hydrant up in Kamas (although they won't be the fun silver and blue that they are in TX).  Then we did more service at a shelter called Family Promise. They help families find jobs and homes. Sister Judd and I have been doing crafts with a girl named Roujean from Iran. She speaks English, but her native language is Persian.  Then on Friday night we did an exchange with my old area, Plano 6th. It was really great because I was able to be companions again with Sister Horne (my comp last transfer). She has really grown and progressed as a missionary. We had a great time talking with everyone and asking people to learn more about the gospel.

Saturday afternoon, our investigator Ben fed us lunch. He wanted to do something for me before I leave TX. It was great and tasty spaghetti. Unfortunately, Ben was unable to come to church yesterday because he threw out his back. He plans to come next Sunday though. 

Saturday night, Sister Judd and I were able to attend the baptism of Ivan Suarez.  It was a wonderful baptism. The Solanos were there as were a few of my friends from back in Plano.  A bunch of the missionaries were there that had also taught Ivan, as well as President and Sister Durrant. The baptism was simple, brief, and very spiritual.  Sister Judd and I taught the message of the Restoration while Ivan was changing clothes.  Sister Judd did a really great job, and the spirit was so strong. For the people that listened, they definitely felt the spirit and knew why we claim to be the only true church on the earth. 

Sunday was a great day. I bore my testimony to the ward and almost made it through without crying. We spent the evening doing missionary work and also saying goodbye to some of the members.  It is amazing how much an impact a missionary can have on a ward even though they have only been there 6 weeks. I love the Allen 5th ward. I will miss the members so much.

I want to tell y'all how proud I am of Sister Judd, in the right sort of way. She is going to be taking over the Allen 5th ward area. Although she has only been a missionary 6 weeks, Sister Judd is going to be the senior companion. This is pretty crazy because that means she also has to train herself for the next 6 weeks until her training is officially over. Her new companion is going to be Sister Otto, and they will be a very great companionship.  I am so happy for Sister Judd. She is a fantastic missionary!! I know that she will see miracles and much success the rest of her mission.

I want to thank each of you for your love and support and prayers on my mission. I look forward to seeing some of you in the next few days, and hopefully I will be able to see all of my Texas friends in the next few months. I love y'all so much! Thanks for your love in return.

I love my mission so much! I can't even fully explain how I feel right now.  This is the greatest opportunity that I have had in my life. I am so extremely grateful to have served a mission in the Texas Dallas Heaven. I love it here, and I am really, really going to miss it. I love the people of Texas. I love my companions. I love my members. I love my mission president, President Durrant, and his family. I love Texas! I love my mission!

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's kingdom again on the earth.  I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the fullness of the gospel was restored through him. I know that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today that leads and guides our church. I know that the Book of Mormon is scripture. It was written by prophets. The Book of Mormon is true.  I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. I know that it is only through Him and His Atonement that we can live forever as families in the presence of Heavenly Father. I know that Christ loves each one of us and He always knows how we feel. I know that I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father and I know that He loves me and knows me.

I am so grateful for this gospel. I am grateful to know and understand and to have taught the Doctrine of Christ.  I am very sad to be leaving my mission, but I know that everything that I have taught for the last 18 months is true. I know that I can continue to be a missionary the rest of my life. Now is the time to take off my actual name bag, and paint the name of Christ on my heart. I love my mission! I am so grateful for every moment.

Love always- Sister Peck

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