Thursday, December 20, 2012

EMAIL: Mon, December 17, 2012       12:27 PM
Subject:  Baptisms!

Howdy Y'all!

This past weekend was great! I was able to attend 2 baptisms of girls that I taught back in Rowlett. The first was Cherish. She was the girl that was taught all of the lessons by the missionaries in Ghana. She bore her testimony at the baptism which was beautiful. She talked of how she knows that the church is true, not by any physical proof, but by a feeling in her heart that cannot be denied. Cherish already has such a strong testimony of the gospel and such a desire to share it. I really love Cherish and I hope that one day she can become a full-time missionary (she is already considering this too).

Then in the afternoon was the baptism of Sarah. She is the 9-yr-old with a less active mother, Michelle. Sarah's baptism was great, and she looked so adorable in her white dress. The best part of the baptism was the testimonies while Sarah was getting dressed. They had asked Brother and Sister Harper to share their conversion stories and testimonies of the gospel. I have heard Tom share his testimony in church, but Rene never has before. They were both beautiful! Rene talked of how she had been searching for a church, but something just kept pulling her back from attending other churches with her family. Then a few weeks later the missionaries knocked on her door. I love hearing how Sister Harper knows that the gospel has changed her life and will continue to. She knows that she is meant to be the example for others in her family. Sister Harper is so grateful to have the gospel in her life and she radiates this continually from her countenance. I love Sister Harper so much! It was amazing to see the rewards for sharing the gospel with the Harper family. Their life has been changed forever, and they are so excited to keep living the gospel.

December is a month of miracles! This weekend I am going to have 2 more baptisms! I have never had so many baptisms in a month before, and I know that it is a blessing from the Lord. The first baptizee is Gina. She is a senior in high school and has been taught here in Sachse. Her boyfriend is a member of the church and referred her to the missionaries. We had to teach Gina really fast so she could be baptized, but she is so prepared. She is excited for her baptism this weekend. She has already invited most of her friends from school and she is working hard to have her mom attend too. Gina asked me yesterday in church if she could already pay her tithing even though she is not quite a member yet. I told her yes, of course. Experiences like that just testify to me how the Lord prepares souls to hear the gospel. I am very excited for Gina's baptism this Saturday.

The other baptism this Saturday is back in Rowlett. It is for Hanna. Her story is similar to Gina's- she is also a senior in high school and was referred to the missionaries by her boyfriend (before they were dating). Her mom is not the most excited about her baptism because she is staunch Church of Christ, but she is letting Hanna be baptized and she is also going to attend the baptism. Hanna is amazing and also so prepared by the Lord. She has been looking for a change in her life, and she says that she has found it. I am so excited for Hanna's baptism.

What a blessing to have so many baptisms in the month of December. The Lord is blessing His missionaries in the TDM! I love being a missionary so much and having the opportunity to bring so many souls to Jesus Christ. How great a calling!

I hope y'all are having a wonderful month of December. What a great season to remember our Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement for each of us individually. I love Christmas and I am so excited to be sharing the gospel message at this great time of year.

I love y'all so much and hope that y'all have a great week. May the Lord bless.

Love Always- Sister Peck

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