Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Email received June 4, 2012:

Howdy Y'all!

Greatest experience of this last week: Last Monday night, Sister Squarcia and I were out tracting a neighborhood. The third door we knocked on we got yelled at that there was no soliciting. We kindly thanked the gentleman and kept knocking doors. About 10 houses later another lady yelled at us that there was no soliciting. We thanked her and kept knocking doors. This is pretty normal for us, so we didn't think anything of it until we were just coming out of a doorway and we saw that a police car had just passed driving very slowly. Sister Sqaurcia and I turned to each other because we both had the feeling that the police were looking for us. but we kept tracting anyway. Two more times we saw the same police car pass, but somehow he never saw us (we weren't even trying to hide from him). We knocked on the very last door in the neighborhood and we finally found a lady that was interested in our message. 
   As we left the house the police passed again. This time he saw us and flagged us down. The officer's name was Mike. He told us that he had received 2 calls that we were knocking on doors in the neighborhood. He told us that it was a non-soliciting neighborhood. He did acknowledge that we were not soliciting, but proselyting... but he said it would make his job a lot easier if we could knock doors at another neighborhood. Officer Mike then proceeded to tell us where he thought some good neighborhoods were that we could knock doors in. He also asked us if anyone had been rude to us, but we said we had had worse. We talked to him for a minute longer and told him what we do, but sadly he wouldn't accept a card. He did offer us a ride back to our car though, but it wasn't too far away. We thanked him for his time, told him to check our, and then walked back to our car. Lucky for us, Officer Mike was very, very nice!
   So now I have been officially kicked out of an area by a police officer. I guess I am even more a true missionary now! It was a pretty funny experience and also very enlightening. I am sure the lady at the last house was the reason that we were tracting that neighborhood and the Lord protected us until we contacted her. There is no way that the police could have missed seeing us before, but he did and we were able to do His will and the work is accomplished.
   The rest of the week has been pretty good. I can barely believe that I have already been on a mission for 4 months! That is almost one-fourth of my mission. The days are so long and the weeks are not much shorter, but looking back the time has disappeared so rapidly. Some days are trials, but I love being a missionary. It is the most rewarding work! The weather is so hot, but I am kinda enjoying it. It is near 100 degrees everyday, and it will only get worse. Not too bad of sunburns yet. Hopefully the Lord will continue to bless me so I can survive the summer!
   Thank you for the letters this past week. I heard from the Bowers (thank you Lucas- the picture is hanging above my bed!), Janelle Hardy, Grandma and Grandpa Riches, Nana and Papa Peck, and Katie. Thank y'all so much. It always makes the day much better to have a letter waiting to be read!
   I love y'all! Don't forget to read your Book of Mormon and say your prayers everyday. That is when the Lord will bless you!

Love Sister Peck!!!!

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