Monday, June 18, 2012

Email received June 18, 2012  (Transferred Again!)

Howdy y'all-

  This weekend ended with sad news... I am getting transferred once again.  Saturday night was transfer calls, and I really did not think that I was going to be transferred.  In fact, we always ask the missionaries what the "predictions" are, and everyone guessed that Sister Squarcia and I would be staying together for another couple of transfers. Both of us are pretty new in the area and we have only been together for one transfer (6 weeks).  So, when the phone rang on Saturday night with the Assistants calling us, I didn't really believe. Sister Squarcia is going to be staying in Dallas 4th and her new companion is going to be Sister Cole (my MTC companion) so they are going to have all sorts of fun.
   I am going to Rowlett. My companion is going to be Sister Elena Pierce. She has curly hair and is from Idaho.  She has a transfer and a half left on her mission, so I will for sure have another companion by the middle of August. I have had a new companion every transfer of my mission, and it doesn't look like that trend is going to be ending any time soon.  I am excited for Rowlett because I have heard many great things and I am really grateful for the opportunity that I am going to have to serve with Sister Pierce. I am just sad to leave D4 because I love it so much. I am really also torn that I am leaving my little Italian companion, Sister Squarcia, because we have had so much fun together and I really enjoyed serving with her.  I told many of the members at church yesterday that I was being transferred. It was pretty funny because a few of them even talked to President Durrant (he is in our ward) and told him that they were upet that I was going to be leaving. He just kept telling them that "Sister Peck is going to have a great new adventrue where the Lord wants her." I know that this is true, although it doesn't make things any less sad. I am grateful for the time that I have been here in D4. I love the Hales (the members that I live with) and all that they have done for me. I love the members and really feel like part of their families. I love being so close to the mission office and the senior couples in there have become some of my substitute parents. I love, love Sister Squarcia. And I love my investigators. Much of the time that I was here the work was progressing really slowly, but now things are really starting to pick up and we will hopefully have some baptisms soon. I guess the good news is that I am close enough to get to come back for the baptisms in the future. I will miss everything and everybody, but I am needed in Rowlett.
   Things are really going to be great and I am excited for more new opportunities. Sister Squarcia served in Rowlett for 7 months, so I have heard all sorts of amazing things. The members that I am going to be living with are amazing. I have already met a few of the members, and they are so sweet. I hear the work is going great. Things are going to be awesome! And I will have a great new companion to teach me more and to help me grow. Exciting stuff!
   More good news is that they have realigned the mission districts, so I will be able to still see Sister Sqaurcia and Cole at District meeting each week. I really hate packing and leaving all the memories, but I am also really excited for this great new adventure. things are going to be great and I am sure my letter next week will be awesome.

I love y'all. Thanks for the letters. My new address will be:   100 Peninsula Dr., Rowlett, TX 75089.

Love, Sister Peck!

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