Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Email from Sister Mc received April 30, 2012:

Hey Y'all!
    This week has been a very slow week with little progress. We actually taught quite a few lessons but they were mostly with people that were not interested. Or these people wouldn't let us pray with them, or they wouldn't let us set up a return appointment, so they don't count as investigators, and therefore all the lessons that we taught don't actually count as lessons at all.  They count as nothing as far as our numbers/goals are concerned (which were pitiful this week). Oh well. We just have to keep planting those seeds.  Soon, all of the work we are doing will be visible. Our ward mission leader keeps saying that the flood gates are going to open shortly. I just keep praying for the same. Last summer this area was the highest baptizing area in the whole mission. It has now been through a drought season. We are working so hard that the work will explode again in the next few weeks, I just know it!
   The most exciting thing this week was Sister Hale's birthday (she is the member that we live with). We wanted to do something to celebrate so we decided to make a cake and (with the help of Brother Hale) we invited over a bunch of missionaries and her friends for a little party that night.  Sister Walker just kinda took over making the cake, and she made a pretty good chocolate cherry cake. I just worked on cleaning up the mess after.  Everything went well- Sister Hale was surprised that night and she loved it all. She loves being around the missionaries, so that was the best part for her to spend some time with some of us.

   I was reminded through a weekly letter that I really haven't told anyone about my companion or my area. So here goes... My companion is Sister Walker. She is a couple of years older than me. She has dark brown hair and glasses.  Sister Walker is from Elmira, New York. Elmira is about one and a half hours SE of Palymra (for those of you that went with us on the Church History tour back in 2006, that is the little town where we stopped at the study of Mark Twain in Elmira College with all the purple and gold flags everywhere).  Sister Walker was going to veterinary tech school before the mission. This can be an unpleasant/interesting for me because she has no fear of animals and so she always is walking up to them, petting them, letting them on her lap... Of course, I have to follow her everywhere and so the animals usually end up scratching at me to pet them too or at least leaving a grossly incredible amount of animal hair all over me. Yuck! Oh well. 
   My area is great and so is the ward. There are trees everywhere, which is never what I expected Texas to look like. There are actually a few small "hills" too, although only the native Texans call them that.  The coolest thing in Texas is the lightning storms. I've only seen a few so far, but they are incredible! Because there are no mountains or things to block the sky, the lightning lights up the entire sky so, so brightly.  They also have a lot of dry thunderstorms, so there will be a lot of lightening without the rain. It is pretty cool!

   Tell dad that I love the articles that he is sending. I haven't had the opportunity to use any of them yet because, surprisingly, I haven't had to speak in church yet. My companion has only spoken in church about 2 times on her mission, which is almost over... so I may not ever speak in church... guess we'll see.

   Best meal that I had this week- french toast waffles.... Directions:  just buy the frozen waffles. dip them in french toast batter (waffles can be defrosted first if you like, you decide). cook on the stove or griddle like french toast. eat with all your favorite breakfast toppings (peanut butter, syrup, strawberries...)  Yum!!!  

  Hopefully everything else is going well for everyone else. I got a letter from Grandma Riches this morning- thanks so much!! The work is going to explode soon in this area, so y'all should look forward to some exciting letters from your favorite, curly red-headed sister missionary soon. I love y'all!!!

Love Sister Peck!!!

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