Monday, March 26, 2012

Email Received 3/36/12
Re:  The final week of Transfer 1

Hey Y'all

So the big news of the week is that ... I got transferred! I am going to be going to the Dallas 4th Ward in the Richardson Stake. I will be living in a home with the Hale Family and Sister Hale is awesome to the Sister Missionaries (I actually slept in her home the first night in TX before getting a companion). The home I'll live in is super close to the Mission Office, the Mission President's home, and the Meandering Way Chapel where we have all the big meetings together. President Durrant is is my ward, and apparently the ward is so great at missionary work!  My new companion is Sister Walker (she took me out tracting on my first night in TX).  My current trainer, Sister Heaton, served in Dallas 4th for 9 months, and she says the area is awesome and so I am super excited. 

I am both sad and happy to be getting transferred. I am glad for the opportunity to have a fresh start and commit myself to working harder and becoming a better and more dedicated missionary. These last few weeks have been a tad bit rough in a trio especially when two of us (with very different personalities) are being trained. I am excited to be in a regular companionship and get more time to speak in lessons and have to take over more often instead of relying on my trainer.  At the same time, I am really going to miss my current companions. It is going to be weird because I have been companions with Sister Cole since the first day in the MTC, so I really can't imagine being apart from her and being a missionary, but things will work out. I am also so grateful for the things Sister Heaton has taught me in the last few weeks about being a missionary. The exciting thing is I will still get to see them at zone conferences and specialized training. Plus, we will hopefully have some baptisms soon in Grand Prairie that I helped teach so I should get to come back for them! That will be super exciting. It will just be a new experience starting tomorrow morning with my new companion in a new area. So Exciting!!

One of the funniest experiences this week was yesterday morning as we went to get an investigator to come to church. Ashley Walker had promised to be at church with her kids yesterday and we even had permission to break into her home if necessary to get her there. We called her in the morning mutiple times and she wouldn't answer. We finally decided to drive to her home and get her. We knew that someone was home, but they never answered the door, which was super frustrating. We thought about what to do for a bit when Sister Heaton said, "Sister Peck, you have to break in!" Apparently I had to be the one so that in case we offended Ashley then it wouldn't really matter because I would be leaving the area in a couple of days anyways. So I hiked up my skirt a bit and hopped over the back porch railing. I knocked on her back porch door and announced it was the missionaries and then I tried the door and it slid right open. I said I was coming in, went in, unlocked the front door so Sister Heaton and Cole could come in too, then we searched for the Walker family. Ashely was still asleep on her bed and the kids were hiding in the closet. Sadly, we didn't get them to come to church, but it was quite the experience to "break-in" to their house with previous permission .  It was so funny and exciting.

Something cool that I found out- Sister Cole is the granddaughter of Steven R. Covey, the author of the book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and a bunch of other inspirational self-help books. So she is pretty much famous! Plus her mom went to school with President Durrant. Gotta Love Sister Cole!!

So yep. That has been the exciting things in my week. We will probably spend much of today saying goodbye to my friends in Grand Prairie and then I will be transferred tomorrow morning. It is sad but will be a great new experience. 
My new address is going to be:
   6217 Stonehill Dr.
   Dallas, TX 75254
or you can still write me at the mission office address since I will be so close to there and can pick up letters more often. Thanks everyone!

Love the best red-headed sister in the entire Texas Dallas Mission (or currently the only one, haha)
-Sister Peck

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