Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Email received April 23, 2012

Good afternoon-

Marco was baptized this week!!!  The baptism was so amazing!!! The spirit was strong and uplifting, and the confirmation was beautiful. I loved every second of it and was so glad to be able to attend. At the last minute the ward mission leader decided he wanted a musical number. Sister Heaton offered for me to sing a solo, which I was in no way going to do. Instead, I finally convinced her and Sister Cole to sing our trio of "Lord, I Would Follow Thee" that we sang a coulple of weeks ago at zone conference. It went pretty well considering that we really didn't get to practice.  The rest of the program was so amazing!
When the baptism and confirmation was over, Marco said he felt so light on his feet. You could physically see how happy he was and I know that he felt the power in the baptism and the Holy Ghost. I will always love that kid forever! I had such a great time teaching him and feel like we have become good friends with him and the Brown Family (basically his adoptive family. They are all so amazing.
Other things have been going well this week. We went to another baptism on Saturday afternoon for our Zone Leaders.  One of them, Elder Weatherford, was singing "Come Thou Fount" for the special musical number and he had asked me a few weeks ago to accompany him. It wasn't the best performance on my part, but the song was gorgeous. The version is from the Reflections of Christ soundtrack if you ever want to hear it (so pretty).  

We also had a cool experience while tracting when a girl chased us down because she wanted to learn more. We had just talked to her sister at the door a few moments earlier and she overheard us.  Sadly, we have not been able to get back ahold of her yet - no phone and she just arrived in the USA from Kenya- but hopefully we will get to see her again this week. It was a cool experience to tell her more about the truth. One day more people will chase us down on the street to hear our message instead of slam doors at us ...maybe...
Hope everything is going well. 
Love y'all!!
-Sister Peck

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